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Surviving 2023

The elite ruling class are planning to unleash a plague in 2023 - the deadliest in human history - to drastically reduce the world's population. Martial law will be declared throughout the land together with the opening of the newly built FEMA concentration camps. In 2024, electricity is deliberately set to be cut off so most cities will face a blackout. And if these megalomaniacs are not stopped then 2025 will see Washington D.C. obliterated by a nuclear attack, and the elite subsequently relocating their headquarters to higher ground. Geoengineered storms are projected to rage across much of the world for the period 2025-2045 with an on-set of gradual flooding - till several of the world's major cities are submerged beneath water - together with the complete disappearance of a few Asian countries. The New World Order is pending official declaration come 2045, and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World will then surely come to pass.

Who cares? Isn't this just another conspiracy theory or prophetic rambling?

All other conspiracies have not directly affected us...till now...unless we happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, 2023 will affect us all. Now it's about being in the right place at the right time! There's little speculation here - it's all based on conspiracy FACT.

How do we know this is going to happen..?

In 2008, at the height of the 911 truth movement, around the same time Dr. Judy Wood came on the scene to demonstrate that the WTC complex had been turned to dust (leaving hardly any rubble behind), a little known multi-part documentary series began finding its way into forums and conspiracy torrent trackers of the day - known as 911 Hidden in Hollywood - with a total running time of 3 hours and 19 minutes. It soon became apparent that "Satanic Hollywood: 9/11" as the complete series became known, although appearing amateurish, was obviously put out by an insider involved in the actual 911 dustification project itself - for only they would have had knowledge of all 200+ featured movies/TV series with esoteric references to 9/11 BEFORE 2001! Yes, that's right, there exists more than 200 media presentations, such as films, TV series, and video games, containing propaganda, with pre-2001 references to 9/11 (some more detailed than others). Together with comics and other memorabilia, this list must easily exceed 500 items of evidence-amounting-to-proof in terms of deliberate inclusion.

It's all just a coincidence!

When there's too many coincidences then it's no longer a coincidence! Besides the obvious design traits, such as explicit verbatim about 9/11 and 2023 dates, people, places and events together with deliberate puzzle elements, satire and scenes that only make sense as propaganda and not as continuity of story, the more specific themes that are clustered in a single film - extended to a collection of motion pictures with similar clustering - the less chance they would co-exist by chance. It's the same with Google's search engine: if you are looking for any script that has all of these themes then the results become less and less: "Cats" (612 million) + "sick" (61 million) + "vets" (2 million) + "wild dogs" (33,000) + "field" (20,000) + "explosion" (9,000) + "Washington" (7,000) + "flooded" (5,000) + "underwater" (2,000) + "Power cut" (109). In fact, the statistical proof comes from the number of movies that depict the 2023 themes in roughly the correct order to match the timeline in the opening paragraph - as opposed to appearing in any order, i.e. sequence vs. combination. There's also running themes throughout the project's corpus that are very specific and serve no other purpose than propaganda, such as the death of trees (and scarcity of wood) giving way to wheat fields/GMOs. The same patterns and general order crop up time and time again - particularly with the top Hollywood blockbusters. Again, an element of deliberate design can often be detected based on an interpretable message or subtext where most people would independently reach a similar consensus. Therefore, the quality of the corpus of evidence covered here is opposite to the random, static, noise of independent objects and basic observations. Itís about joining the dots and seeing the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the masses are too easily fooled and too easily controlled - quick to let their self-doubt/hypocrisy kick in regarding the nature of reality despite being able to cross the road safely and consistently - but with enough effort, the more you look at the evidence, the more it will inform you of the truth regarding such deceptions, thereby allowing freedom and escape from the conman's cage (as well as triumph over psychological abuse in the process). You wouldn't let an overt bully continue to victimise you, so why let passive-aggressive authority figures control the way you think?

So what? What does all this mean..?

Well, by understanding the psychological nature behind the 9/11 references when analysed collectively, it soon becomes apparent that we are not dealing with coincidences here - but with a carefully orchestrated psy-ops of psychopathic proportions. And by grasping this concept - of planting details of a project in plain site prior to carrying out the actual planned crime - we can deduce the following:
*The world does not work the way we think it does.
*Hollywood and the media are completely controlled.
*Fake news/propaganda acts as a puppet show that keeps us distracted from those pulling the strings.
*The Capitalist pyramid hierarchy extends much higher than the level of government.
*There exists a secret society of oligarchs with access to secret technologies, hidden histories, and the power to create culture.
*The top-most levels of society appear extremely stable to work on long-term projects without subordinates necessarily knowing their agendas - they can't be touched!
*This small group representing the elite are kept in power by an ancient technique (as we shall see) that renders the masses docile - principally through psychological warfare, mind control and indoctrination.
*The most powerful are also the most disturbed mentally - devil-like in their endeavours to maintain such power at all costs - through vanity projects with an emphasis on sinister deceptions that often have a ritualistic and even a numerological element to them.

Tell us more about 2023...

It's 9/11 Hidden in Hollywood that first brought our attention to a different set of movies/TV shows containing leaked details and information for the 2023 project, again, hidden in plain site and esoteric in nature. The same methods of concealment that applied to embedded 9/11 propaganda also applies to 2023 (and other government projects going back up to 2,000+ years ago). It seems this 2023 project began sometime around 1988 (the year of the earliest reference uncovered so far), whereas the 9/11 project began as early as the 1960s; both overlapping for at least a decade, and since interwoven, for 2023 depends on the 9/11 catalyst for new laws and gradual steering towards totalitarianism - a point of no return - with subjects edging ever closer to a permanent state of hypnosis. To wake up and realise the full horrific details of 2023 is to transcend into an open, free-thinking psyche, playing detective, and getting into the minds of these mass-murderers who also happen to be behind our everyday lives of fake news mockeries, increasing property prices, tuition fees, refused planning permission, inheritance tax, and politicians who never seem to improve the situation regardless of whom we elect - now preparing to genocide us all whilst we squabble over our minor differences with ever-increasing separation of families comprising individuals becoming further dependent on the state/system. Alex Jones and the Infowars community have been talking of martial law and of a police state for decades - with at least 5 documentaries produced; Jesse Ventura covered the FEMA camps in an episode of his documentary series, Conspiracy (2010). Alex Jones even predicted 9/11 before 2001. Regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel to get into the minds of serial killers who like to play games and plant clues and puzzles for us to solve, by understanding "God's plan" and showing respect to them, we have a means of escape. Using their secret language of symbolism and esoteric references, they have made it quite clear to us that if we invest time playing their game then we will be spared this atrocity through strategic relocation and finding a suitable sanctuary - a utopia that, one day, plague sufferers will refuse to believe exists. The elite clearly have the capacity for a minority of survivors under their forthcoming new world order regime - so long as the masses never get wind of it. In other words, they want you to appreciate them and (in their eyes) their grand achievements. They evidently despise the ignorant and foolish (people easier to fool than to convince they've been fooled).

What if 2023 passes and nothing happens?

To be asking such a question shows ignorance of the evidence and lack of understanding as to who, exactly, we are dealing with here. Every month details of the 2023 project continue to be encoded in the media and deliberately leaked out. This is exactly what happened with World War II and the Jewish Holocaust, but that time it was predominantly newspapers warning us that 6 million Jews would face a holocaust in Poland and Ukraine - before Hitler was even brought to power and made a puppet. If the oligarchs were to cancel their project now, they would lose too much face among their inner circle peers; their honour means so much to them that they always go through with their plans, akin to a contracted assassin who will always refuse more money to kill the person who gave them the initial contract to kill the person now offering a higher sum, etc. There's no stopping them now, or so it seems.

But for a conspiracy of this size too many people would need to be in on it! It would no longer be a secret...

The Capitalist pyramid system operates on a "need to know basis" and large groups of underlings are often kept out of the loop with regards to agendas in the smaller hierarchical levels above. This is how the Manhattan project was kept a secret, otherwise if they knew that nuclear bombs were going to be dropped on Japan it would have surely been stopped. Again, the world doesn't work the way we were led to believe - has a lot to do with the subject of anthropology. People are driven by their ego more than the truth. They would rather go with the mainstream view/culture rather than risk injury to the ego through fear of being an outcast. They would rather stay in their jobs and guarantee survival than giving any weight to truth over falsehood for the purpose of sharing information. There are the occasional whistle blowers, but for the 12% of people who are aware that we don't live on a spinning ball they know that raising awareness of the contrary is only going to invite ridicule, so they don't bother. Due to social engineering and long-term conditioning (a large aspect of any conspiracy is to stop people discussing it) - even the most suspicious evidence is always ignored unconsciously and brushed over. When confronted with mature and controversial discussions, people are conditioned to act like children. They now know the tooth fairy and Santa Claus to be fake - yet the news on TV is always considered to be the gospel truth. How many Malaysian jets would it take to convince them it's also fake? Therefore, most being comfortable in their own little bubble of small-talk and football, those in the know are more inclined to continue treating them like children. An idiot poses no problem to himself - only to other people. Adults working for governments know that their job is to keep the masses contained, and that its pointless trying to have a serious conversation about the slave system we live in - an oligarchy disguised as a democracy - or why any parents would want to lie about the tooth fairy in the first place.

So what can we do in such a hopeless situation? How can we possibly change anything?

Well, we can either take heed of their tip-off now or simply consume a spiked-drink - despite sufficient warning - and face genocide. However, there's one more option: if we are smart enough - no, not by memorising and repeating information for an exam - but by freeing ourselves from the cage that has been placed around our heads; we can then begin to forget our petty differences and have serious conversations with our friends and family to the point where we are no longer afraid to discuss propaganda or hide behind gas-lighting defence mechanisms of the false self, where suddenly everyone goes bonkers instead of staying rational, held back by emotions. Together - with strength in numbers - we can make this go viral on all social media networks!! We would then be well on our way to ridding the world of this evil and uniting under good. Remember: we are dealing with a small group of people who appear like powerful wizards - but inside are extremely vulnerable because of their psychopathy - a personality disorder gone too far. Their suffering is what drives them to do this. Now their game is up - no doubt earlier than they expected - as nobody from the 9/11 truth movement had bothered taking the next logical step. It's now time to join the dots and embrace the bigger picture. With everyone's help we could save millions of families from infertility, quarantine, starvation, knife-crime, homelessness, the plague itself, cannibalism, radiation, flooding and all-round impending doom. We need to put a stop to this NOW; and if in doubt, there must be over 500 motion pictures with references to 2023 - look out for them - as they are literally plastered everywhere this time! As you become more independent in your research you won't need this website anymore. Your neighbour, the bully at school, annoying cousin, shopkeeper, customer, waiter, flat-mate, or difficult person at work are not your enemies... Know your REAL enemy!