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Bleeding Eyes

Movie: Prometheus (2012)
10) Soon the crew members are attacked by two evil looking snakes that come out of the black goo that has oozed out of the canisters, disfiguring them and penetrating into their bodies, leading to eventual death. One of their faces is later shown to resemble a holocaust victim, blackened and wrinkled, with his mouth wide open. The scene then switches to a crew member on-board who had had his drink poisoned with the black goo by David (later shown to represent the elite), and is now presented with blood around his eyes when looking in the mirror with little black worms coming out. His condition gets worse and worse as time goes on with actual blood dripping from the eyes, and then black wounds develop on his face with protruding veins reminiscent of the plague. Eventually he is burnt to death by a flame-thrower. The same fiery fate awaits another plague-stricken crew member.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Bleeding Eyes