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Movie: Alien Covenant (2017)
2) On-board a spaceship the crew, leaving for a colonizing mission and carrying a collection of embryos, experience a power surge after their sails (resembling satellites) are hit by a "highly-charged shockwave from a nearby solar ignition" having "absorbed the full burn of the storm". "475" and "236" are seen on the glass of a sleep chamber of which one crew member is suddenly engulfed in flames - a looking glass world to the other crew members who can do nothing to save him. The new captain of the ship describes the disaster: they lost 47 colonists - 16 x 2nd generation embryos minus 1 crew member - loosely translatable as 4-7-25.
  #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Fertility - Infertility   #Satellite Attack - Hackers   #475   #236   #2023   #2025   #Nuclear Attack

(Banned on Youtube)