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Data Corruption

Movie: Waterworld (1995)
2) An early sacrificial scene takes place in front of a dying tree. Other scenes also emphasise the death of trees and scarcity of wood, including a National Geographic magazine with the slogan "Paradise Lost" against the photo of a forest and the drawing of a tilted tree, and a wooden piano relic hanging aboard the Mariner's trimaran. Wood and paper are some of the most precious items in Waterworld - in particular "resin" - defined as "many plants, particularly woody plants, produce resin in response to injury". The Smokers - representing the elite - say that "if there's a tree then they'll ram it because they are talking progress", and are shown to have more sophistication over music (and video) compared to what the Mariner has access to, though their TV still shows some interference on it. The Mariner wears a microchip around his neck as a necklace - a souvenir from past civilisation. A flying machine is used to locate people in Waterworld - similar to a drone.
  #Oligarchy   #Death of Trees - Scarcity of Wood   #Music and Video (controlled)   #Data Corruption   #Remote Tracking


Movie: Alien Covenant (2017)
3) In one scene the crew are listening to some music that can barely be made out due to it being a rogue transmission with digital interference, i.e. corrupted, and imagined to be coming from a "ghost".
  #Music and Video (controlled)   #Data Corruption