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Washington D.C.

Movie: Alien Covenant (2017)
10) Storms are still in progress across the rest of the world with major hurricanes. The crew are led by David wearing a cloak (later described as a devil), and are taken to what appears to be a sacrificial grave-yard of unburied plague-like victims - or those who have been scorched. But it also has walls and a main gate - not too dissimilar from a concentration camp following a holocaust. And it even has monumental pillars with what appears like the Georgia guidestones at the center atop a mound. Inside the mound are large statues of heads that resemble Mount Rushmore, i.e. George Washington. A crew member throws a flare onto the site. David describes it as a necropolis. In a daytime flashback later in the movie the "necropolis", prior to becoming a necropolis, appears to look like a Roman town surrounding Vatican square almost.
  #Geoengineering   #Storms   #Oligarchy   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Nuclear Attack   #Washington D.C.   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican   #Concentration Camp   #Virus - Plague - Black Death