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Movie: Prometheus (2012)

1) Prometheus (2012) begins with a "human" sacrifice by a muscular proto-Human group known as the Engineers who inhabit a foreign planet and are said to have created humans. The victim drinks a black gooey substance then his skin becomes darker, his veins protrude and he begins bleeding. His DNA starts to break down before, eventually, new cells begin to form - symbolically representing the start of a new breed perhaps.
  #Human Sacrifice   #Oligarchy   #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Fertility - Infertility   #New World Order

2) The crew of the Prometheus spaceship are visiting the planet inhabited by the Engineers, hoping to meet their makers. Prior to the mission the head of the project, Peter Weyland is giving a speech in 2023 - only in the extended version of the movie - discussing various reforms for the planet, the history of the human race, and that he does not represent the Gods - only that he has not been "struck down". During his speech the moon is described as giving out cold light - opposite to the heat of the sun.
  #Oligarchy   #Blackout   #New World Order   #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Globe Earth Deception

3) When the crew are preparing for the mission an image of the earth can be seen projected onto the wall beneath the numbers "223". The image of the earth then falls and disappears, i.e. 2023 = the fall of the world.
  #2023   #Armageddon


4) Peter's daughter, who appears second-in-command and mother of his cyborg creation, David, discusses an "agenda" describing the Engineers' planet as inhabited by nothing more than savages living in caves - with a background screen showing trees in the winter snow giving way to wheat fields.
  #Dark Age - Uncivilised   #Death of Trees - Scarcity of Wood   #Wheat Field - GMO


5) Three doors leading from one room in the spaceship display "Emergency Exit 22", "Emergency Exit 23" and "Emergency Exit 24".
  #2022   #2023   #2024   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone


6) On arrival at the planet there is evidently a mist present, and the air is said to be toxic and unbreathable except at the bottom of a hollow mountain/cave, where previous occupants are suggested as having "terraformed" there (a word used in the earlier speech by Peter Weyland). The crew are wearing protective suits and masks, so as not to breathe the air.
  #Mist - Toxic Air   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Protective Clothing

7) Some specimens recovered from the cave are described as being contagious and are contained. A DNA test on the head of diseased engineer matches human DNA, which prompts a crew member to stress in so many words that they (humans) were simply part of an experiment beginning 2,000 years ago - not by Gods - but by other humans.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Oligarchy   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican

8) The caves house canisters with the black gooey stuff, which is also smeared on a door. Attention is drawn to the dust particles in the air in various contexts, and the crew narrowly escape a storm on the way back to the space-ship.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Mist - Toxic Air   #Storms

9) Some crew members that remain in the cave are being "tracked" by a green computer system on-board the ship that shows 3 red numbers moving around the screen: "2","3", and "6" in the context of "holocaust planning". One anomaly is detected as being alive, but soon disappears off the radar. The crew members discuss going "East" instead of "West" - fading to a scene with Dr. Shaw (the main star) eating Japanese noodles.
  #Remote Tracking   #236   #2023   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Japan


10) Soon the crew members are attacked by two evil looking snakes that come out of the black goo that has oozed out of the canisters, disfiguring them and penetrating into their bodies, leading to eventual death. One of their faces is later shown to resemble a holocaust victim, blackened and wrinkled, with his mouth wide open. The scene then switches to a crew member on-board who had had his drink poisoned with the black goo by David (later shown to represent the elite), and is now presented with blood around his eyes when looking in the mirror with little black worms coming out. His condition gets worse and worse as time goes on with actual blood dripping from the eyes, and then black wounds develop on his face with protruding veins reminiscent of the plague. Eventually he is burnt to death by a flame-thrower. The same fiery fate awaits another plague-stricken crew member.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Bleeding Eyes

11) Returning to the mountain/cave, some proper high mountains are shown in the background as well as a wall in the foreground with an opening to the main entrance. It later turns out to be the inside of an foreign alien ship.

12) David is able to summon the Engineers in spirit by playing a flute and pressing large light-bulb style buttons to begin a holographic light show with the earth lit up on top of a pyramid surrounded by energy symbols - followed by a sudden blackout. Prior to this David deliberately "cut off" his crew member after shining a light at the engineers. All the crew members subsequently carry torches - one of them repeatedly saying "What do you see, what do you see"... The computer display showed 62,62,62 = 2024.
  #Blackout   #Music and Video (controlled)   #2024


13) Later, the crew are considered possibly contaminated for having "set foot inside the the pyramid" - makes no sense since they were in a cave/alien ship? Though there are some sleep chambers in the ship that resemble Egyptian sarcophagi.
  #Oligarchy   #Egyptian theme

14) Dr. Shaw - lover of the diseased plague-like victim - turns out to be pregnant with a diseased alien-looking fetus. Her father is then revealed to have died from Ebola in Africa.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Fertility - Infertility

15) In the next scene another crew member says he was in the military and describes a concentration camp as well as a nuclear bomb. Later he says he suspects the engineers' cave/ship could be a military installation because "they are not so stupid as to make weapons of mass destruction on their own doorstep" as contained in the canisters. And it appears that there were two different types of canisters/vases featured in the movie in different locations of the confusing cave-ship complex - resembling one or the other at different times in the subterranean passages - containing something else other than the black goo.
  #Concentration Camp   #Martial Law   #Nuclear Attack

16) Returning to the ship, David is sure that the air is suddenly safe to breathe and describes the engineers planning a getaway to earth, stating "Sometimes to create - one must first destroy". An engineer rises from the Egyptian-looking sarcophagus in the flesh and is questioned by Shaw as to why they hate typical humans so to speak, but the questions are met only with violence.
  #Oligarchy   #New World Order   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Egyptian theme

17) Note: there are triangles shown in various scenes as we have come to expect from this type of movie, including one with a circle/eye in the middle.
  #All-Seeing Eye of Providence