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Movie: Alien Covenant (2017)

1) This film (sequel to Prometheus) starts out in a futuristic room with wooden furniture set against a lake with mountains in the background. The "gods" are described as rejecting the humans and extinguishing them from the planet, but at the same time they are false gods because they are mortal like humans, and their power is an illusion so to speak. Later in the movie a "cabin on a lake" is dreamed of being built in the "new world" and the "terraforming zone". There are said to be enough supplies of wood on-board a ship to build it. Following that is a picture of a man outside a church carrying a bible, talk of arranging funerals, and mention of Rome when giving a toast. It's at this point the female lead walks through door c-45 - could be tied to a significant date since "345" appears elsewhere in the movie.
  #Mountains   #Oligarchy   #Genocide - Holocaust   #New World Order   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Death of Trees - Scarcity of Wood   #345   #2045   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican   #Escape by Ship

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2) On-board a spaceship the crew, leaving for a colonizing mission and carrying a collection of embryos, experience a power surge after their sails (resembling satellites) are hit by a "highly-charged shockwave from a nearby solar ignition" having "absorbed the full burn of the storm". "475" and "236" are seen on the glass of a sleep chamber of which one crew member is suddenly engulfed in flames - a looking glass world to the other crew members who can do nothing to save him. The new captain of the ship describes the disaster: they lost 47 colonists - 16 x 2nd generation embryos minus 1 crew member - loosely translatable as 4-7-25.
  #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #Fertility - Infertility   #Satellite Attack - Hackers   #475   #236   #2023   #2025   #Nuclear Attack

(Banned on Youtube)

3) In one scene the crew are listening to some music that can barely be made out due to it being a rogue transmission with digital interference, i.e. corrupted, and imagined to be coming from a "ghost".
  #Music and Video (controlled)   #Data Corruption

4) The spaceship finds a habitable planet with some humans that "shouldn't be there". During the approach some storms are seen to be in progress with lightning from above the clouds occurring across most of the world, along with detected tornadoes. A daughter ship is released, and they make it through the storms, landing in a peaceful place with misty lakes and mountains. Their destination is 8 km to the west - but "at a considerable elevation". The spaceship touches down on water and there is a warning about potential damaged firearms and explosives; the numbers "23" and "345" are shown.
  #Oligarchy   #New World Order   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Storms   #Geoengineering   #Mountains   #Flooding   #2023   #345   #2045   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone


5) There are no trees in sight, but there are wheat fields instead that look genetically modified - described as a desirable place to colonize - but there is a lot of exaggerated mist in this scene.
  #Death of Trees - Scarcity of Wood   #Wheat Field - GMO   #Strategic Relocation - Safe Zone   #New World Order   #Mist - Toxic Air


6) They go on a mission to find their "ghost". One scene has dead/dying trees/stumps emphasised with "something passed overhead here", and there are no birds or animals.
  #Death of Trees - Scarcity of Wood   #Chemical Attack (aerial)


7) A crew member steps on some strange egg looking capsules that releases something into the air; focus and attention is drawn to the dust in the air. What must resemble tiny insects fly into his ear and penetrate into his body. Another crew member inhales them through his nose at the site of a discovered alien ship, with more of the egg-shaped containers.
  #Mist - Toxic Air   #Virus - Plague - Black Death

8) The ship turns out to be the one in Prometheus with a name tag of Dr. Shaw that was abandoned 10 years earlier with statues of the Engineers and a musical holographic projection system - believed to be the source of the rogue transmission.
  #Music and Video (controlled)

9) One of the infected crew members starts vomiting blood and is taken back to the ship, where a bleeding rash starts to appear on his back. He then begins convulsing. The other crew member also vomits blood. Both die with an alien having outgrown their bodies resembling large insect-like creatures, such as a scorpion.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death

10) Storms are still in progress across the rest of the world with major hurricanes. The crew are led by David wearing a cloak (later described as a devil), and are taken to what appears to be a sacrificial grave-yard of unburied plague-like victims - or those who have been scorched. But it also has walls and a main gate - not too dissimilar from a concentration camp following a holocaust. And it even has monumental pillars with what appears like the Georgia guidestones at the center atop a mound. Inside the mound are large statues of heads that resemble Mount Rushmore, i.e. George Washington. A crew member throws a flare onto the site. David describes it as a necropolis. In a daytime flashback later in the movie the "necropolis", prior to becoming a necropolis, appears to look like a Roman town surrounding Vatican square almost.
  #Geoengineering   #Storms   #Oligarchy   #Genocide - Holocaust   #Nuclear Attack   #Washington D.C.   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican   #Concentration Camp   #Virus - Plague - Black Death


11) David explains that 10 years ago him and Shaw were survivors of the Prometheus ship that carried a virus. The virus was designed to kill all non-botanical life-forms. A severe storm hits them with torrential rain - described as shielding the whole planet. David shows his cyborg counterpart a cave-like room with sketches of fly species and teaches him how to play a primitive musical instrument (the flute); whilst outside, the other crew members are around a camp fire. A woman in the "cave" gets eaten by a cannibal alien with a human-like appearance.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Storms   #Geoengineering   #Dark Age - Uncivilised   #Cannibalism

12) David explains about the history of the pathogen stored within a canister in his cave-lab. It is said to be highly mutable and took many forms then atomised when exposed to the air. The flies were said to come from eggs and then enter their victims and destroy their DNA (shown in the prequel Prometheus), thereby producing...David points to a crucified victim on a cross, i.e. Jesus Christ, describing them as beautiful humans, i.e. sacrificial victims as part of a new covenant perhaps.
  #Virus - Plague - Black Death   #Human Sacrifice   #New World Order   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican

13) David demonstrates that he has a devil-like power and is in absolute control over the aliens as well as the humans. They are described as a dying species gasping for resurrection. What represents the elite in an aircraft (with David on-board) are shown to have dispersed the canisters into the air, dropping them on the inhabitants, infecting and killing them. The next scene moves to a "cave of letters" resembling the dead sea scrolls. After being saved by the mothership, one of the victims is on-board the ship in a medical room being treated for a plague-like facial wound.
  #Oligarchy   #Genocide - Holocaust   #New World Order   #Catholic Church - Rome - Vatican   #Virus - Plague - Black Death

14) The numbers "345" appear near the end of the movie whilst fighting an alien on-board the spaceship, albeit filmed in the style of watercraft above decks in a storm, where the female lead almost falls overboard into the water below. "236" also occurs in the same string of numbers.
  #345   #2045   #Escape by Ship   #Flooding   #Storms   #236